Thank you all for your care and concern about my foot.  It was extremely painful  for the first 3 days and is a bit better now.

Dick and I have come to the Northern Coast of Spain to a little apartment on the beach for 5 days of R & R, so that I can stay off of my foot.  Today is our last day here.  My foot still hurts and I can’t walk normally on it.  So with the utmost regret I think I will have to postpone the remainder of the trek until the healing is complete and I have the alloted time to return to Spain.  I’ll be forever grateful to Dr. David for his diagnosis, support and advice about caring for my foot.  And also to my supportive husband Dick, who has been with me every step of the way.

I do plan to finish this walk.  It has not gotten the best of me.  I’ve done 12 days and have 21 left to go.  And as Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back!”

12 thoughts on “NOT TREKKING”

  1. So glad you are taking care of yourself. I am sure having some experience will make it easier when you finish it. So glad you had a nice 5 days relaxing in such a nice place.

    I know you are disappointed but you will be back!

  2. You must be terribly disappointed, but it was the only choice for you. At least you know what you are capable of and when you return, you will do so with a renewed confidence.

    I will miss reading your daily posts, and look forward to your return. Please keep your “faithful readers” posted regarding when that might be.

    Congratulations to both you and your husband for a successful walk. You completed more miles in this short time than a lot of people will ever do.

    Take care.

  3. So good to hear that you have done what was needed and taken care of yourself. And maybe I’m just a little bit happy about this so I can hold out a kernel of hope that when you return, you’ll be looking for a partner and I can do it with you! I know your normal traveling buddies are out — Dick, Jan and Gary are not up to the walk! I’m sure you are disappointed, but the future finish and stamp on your Compostela will be all that much sweeter for you.

  4. Well no one can say that you guys didn’t give it your all! Relax and enjoy- you certainly deserve it.

  5. I am so proud of you no matter if you finished or not. It takes a lot of strength, endurance and courage. I admire you and hope someday I can do the trek


  6. Karen – admire your courage and positive outlook. I believe you will be back. Safe trip home. Don infante

  7. I believe this trip as it is has done more for you than you realize now and you will one day see that and both be so proud for what each of you did. Nothing is for nothing.

    What your trip did for me is validate 100% that what I’ve ALWAYS seen in both of you is so right. I didn’t need validation, but proved again how special you are.

    You are both unique, wonderful people that I always have been and am now so proud to have as my friends.

    Love you both,


  8. takes a smart gal to know when to say uncle…good for you & we all certainly hope your foot heals quickly & completely. I have no doubt you will finish that which you’ve started; just want to make sure I’m able to follow!! thks for all the wonderful posts & pictures, have a great day!

  9. Of all the posts you wrote, being tired, exhausted, hurting, frustrated and every other emotion thrown in, I’m sure this was the hardest of all to actually push the “publish” button. We are really sad that your Camino had this interruption, but that is all it is as I have EVERY confidence that as soon as the stars align you will pick up from where you left off and complete this baby – ON YOUR TERMS. Love you guys!!!

  10. I think everyone has said exactly what we have all felt in our empathetic walk with you. We worried about you when we didn’t hear & know how hard it is for you to “postpone ” the rest of the journey, but you will now be a pro when you do & we know you will! Love you both! C& T

  11. You motivate me to train and benefit from my 12 marathons and training for them. And then if I can convince myself I can do it, walk the rest with you! You motivate. me my dear friend and what I read says a lot more of your
    friends feel the same way. Positively motivating those we love is the highest form of giving . Thank you!!

  12. What an incredible accomplishment! Of course you will be back! Take good care of yourself.
    Love, Carole

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