FROMISTA to CARRION de los CONDES — 13 miles

Even though I didn’t sleep well last night my muscles felt fine and I was ready for another day of walking.  After a quick cup of coffee I was out the door.  It was already 8:30am.

The Camino path went right alongside the highway with cars whizzing by in each direction.image image

These people had huge, heavy backpacks.   So big you couldn’t even see their heads.  And the girl had some serious stuff hanging off of hers.  I call her a back loader.  As for me, I’m a front loader — all my stuff hangs off the front.


And nothing off the back.  Just sewn on decals.


Passing out of the first little village I saw some people who I was sure we’re the ones Debbie had told me about yesterday.  A Japenese girl and an American man met on the Camino two years ago.  They got married, had a baby and now they were back with the baby and a Japenese friend to walk the Camino again.  Now that’s brave!


I wanted to get off the highway so I decided to take an alternate, but longer route which would go through the countryside.  It was so much prettier than the highway.





The path continued along the river until I had walked about 7 miles.  I was getting tired, hungry, really needed to go to the bathroom and I was dying to sit down and take a break.  But there was no place to do any of that.  And I wasn’t going to sit in the grass because I thought there might be snakes in it! And as for finding a place to pee, there were other Trekkers on the path and no privacy.  I finally came out of the woods and back onto a highway, walked 2 more miles on mostly flat land but with a couple of hills and met Dick at a bar in the next village.  I was spent!  Nine miles with no break.


Debbie’s husband, Jim was there and we chatted with him for a while.  When it was time to go it was really hard to move because my muscles were so sore.  That’s what happens every time I take a break.  It hurts less if I just keep walking.

It was 4 more miles before I reached the outskirts of Carrion.  I was wondering where our hotel was when off in the distance I saw Dick walking toward me.  What a great guide he is.  He seems to always know where I am through an app called “Find My Friends.”


The lady at our last hotel chewed us out because we didn’t have reservations for tonight.  This was a big holiday weekend and she said everything would be sold out.  So she called and got us the last room at a place called the Hostel Santiago.  As always, we had to walk up 3 flights of stairs to a room in the attic, with a little porch in the front that was big enough for a midget. It had 3 beds and a chair that made into a 4th bed.



We went out to explore, had a pizza in the central plaza but unless you were in the sun it was cold.  We walked around town and went into the cathedral which was beautiful but old and musty smelling.  Then we ran into Debbie and Jim who said they were staying in an Albergue run by some Nuns.  They have stayed in Albergues this whole time.  I don’t think I could do it — I mean sleep in bunk beds in a room with 10 to 90 other people and use communal bathrooms.  And at night you listen to their snoring and whatever else they do in their sleep!  Nope, not for me.

5 thoughts on “TREKKING — DAY 16”

  1. Hi,

    F A N T A S T I C.

    Karen, you make this sound like a RESTFUL vacation.

    L-O-V-E your daily blogs.

    Hi, Dick.

    Be safe.


  2. Nope – snoring with my husband is bad enough. Up to 90 others – no thanks. You’re doing great. Good choice. xoxox Joy

  3. Are you kidding? A chic socialite in an Albergue?
    Just kidding I would do the same.
    Love and courage
    In any Pharmacy get Arnica for your sore legs and hips. Cream. Rub. Homeopathic . There’s also homeopathic pills for muscle pain, I have them.

  4. Sounds like a long but great day! Keep one foot in front of the other. You ARE doing this!!!!

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